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Panic attacks

The Linden Method - Stop General Anxiety and Panic Attack Fast!

First of all it is important to stress and I want to stress that panic attacks and general anxiety have no relationship to the level of courage an individual has. Anxiety disorders have nothing to do with a person's level of bravery.
Some of the 'bravest' professions around suffer or have suffered from anxiety.

What is anxiety and panic?

Often people don’t know what they are experiencing is anxiety or a panic attack. It’s a frightening experience with very physical as well as mental symptoms that can make one think they are dying or losing their mind. The physical symptoms can be so strong that they keep the person ‘locked in’ to the panic and the attack.
Psychiatrists and drug companies seem framed to tell people that anxiety is a life-long disease but it’s not.
They can stop when the person realises what it is.
Most problems with anxiety relate to a fear of uncertainty. It can be in the midst of stress and a stressful situation or at the end of a stressful time or situation when one may consider ‘the storm has passed’.


Because you can't see anxiety like you can a broken arm or leg or other physical illness, anxiety and panic can be a victim of stigma and it's not hard to see why. It is however a very real problem and the more people talk about it and awareness is raised, the more educated and understanding people will be. So let's talk about it! I am. Luckily that is happening with campaigns like 'Time to Change, Let's Talk' campaign and celebrities speaking out about their mental illness.

Men and stigma

As a man anxiety really erodes self confidence, as so much of male self esteem
comes from being perceived as strong and brave.
Anxiety disorders have nothing to do with a persons level of bravery.
Some of the 'bravest' professions around suffer or have suffered from anxiety.
Firemen, policemen, soldiers. All of them admired by others for their bravery.
This crisis however does not stop the bravery.
Once the person has triumphed over their anxiety problem, they develop an inner strength that the average person never gets to develop.

What happens to cause anxiety and panic?

  • A thought triggers an emotion

  • A thought triggers a negative emotion. Equally it can trigger a positive emotion. Positive emotions are much more helpful.

  • Panic only starts when you hand over reason and control to your imagination.

  • A common pattern that triggers anxious thinking patterns is:
  • I am in danger

  • Something terrible is going to happen

  • I am about to die

  • I am about to go crazy and lose my mind

These thoughts are always incorrect but we don’t know it when we are depressed or anxious.
A therapist can reveal how it isn’t true to the patient or we can learn to do this for ourselves.

What's the worst that can happen

Whatever outcome you fear, work to find a way to accept that outcome as a possibility. By accepting it you remove the requirement for absolute certainty of your future safety. In real life or fantasy, things are NEVER as bad as they seem. Things might not turn out as well as they could but they rarely turn out as bad as they could either. It's important to remember that. Reduce the risk of the problem in your mind as much as possible and accept the remaining risk and carry on or don’t.


It’s more about the RESPONSE than SYMPTOMS but the symptoms can be:
Pounding heart
Tight chest
Dizzy feelings
Stomach pains - You feel the result of that fear most intensely in your stomach
due to the amount of nerve endings located there.


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