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depression can be fun

Listen to happy songs and resist the temptation to play music that reflects your mood.

Ease your financial struggle

Ease your financial struggle - the more financial help you can get the less pressure on the person and their carer.
Financial help with heating bills:
Free cinema tickets:
Cheap and free events:

Better value treats and days away

Join Tastecard for free and receive a free tastecard for a month that gives you 2-4-1 on many meals out or 50% off for up to 8 people making family meals out still possible and giving the carer a bit of a break, great for having some quality time out with the kids.

Caring isn't easy

caring for depressed, information for carers

Supporting someone through depression may bring up all kinds of emotions and issues for you.

Do not try to go it alone.

carers week

Inspire Coaching and training
Coaching for Depression

Inspire Yoga
Yoga for Depression

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