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depression can be fun

Avoid the despair of the media today and read a novel instead of the newspaper over breakfast.

Helping Those That Are Depressed

As a carer you may notice that the person

  • Changes in his or her behaviour
  • Is unhappy most of the time
  • Has lost confidence in themselves
  • Expresses feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness
  • Is irritable
  • Is tearful
  • Has lost their appetite, or eats more than usual
  • Has changed their sleeping pattern
  • Is extremely tired
  • Has problems concentrating
  • Is withdrawn and has lost interest in life, including sex
  • Talks of suicide

Helping Those That Are Depressed

  • Encourage the person to talk about their feelings
  • Be a good listener. It can be harder than it sounds. You may have to hear the same thing over and over again. It is usually best not to offer advise unless it is asked for, even if the answer seems clear to you.
  • It is helpful to spend time with someone who is depressed. Encourage them to talk, Help them to keep going with some of the things they normally do.
  • Reassure them that they will get better. Repetition is so important.
  • Try to get the person to accept that this is a treatable illness which is not their fault.
  • Make sure that they are buying and eating enough and the right food and that they are getting regular exercise.
  • Help them to stay away from alcohol.
  • Encourage the person to accept professional help
  • If they are getting worse and start talking of not wanting to live, or even hurting themselves, take them seriously. Make sure that they tell their doctor.
  • Piper Health ( is a professional organization dedicated to educating doctors, nurses and other health care workers interested in medical certification.Click here for a link to Piper Health.
  • Make them know that you care.
  • Do help them go to the doctor - perhaps by helping them to make the appointment or going with them. Always support them to make this very brave step.

Caring isn't easy

caring for depressed, information for carers

Supporting someone through depression may bring up all kinds of emotions and issues for you.

Do not try to go it alone.

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