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depression can be fun

Go after what you want without believing you need it.

time to change

Helping yourself

Talk to someone
Simply talking to someone you trust, and who you feel understands, can lighten the burden. It can also make it easier to work out practical solutions to problems.

Ask for help

Try to get out
Staying at home all the time can make you brood on things. This doesn’t help and can make you feel more helpless and depressed. So, if family or friends offer, let them help you to get out.

Try to eat properly
People who are depressed often lose their appetite and eat very little. You can lose weight and run short of important vitamins and minerals. This can affect your health. Beware of stocking up on chocolate and biscuits - these are quick and easy to eat, but they don’t have the vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling well.

Keep reminding yourself that you are ill
You are not being lazy or letting other people down.

Keep reminding yourself that the vast majority of people get better
Depression is a treatable and curable illness.

Tell someone if you feel so low that you feel like ending it all
People care and understand and can help you.

Try not to keep your feelings to yourself
You’ll find yourself going over the same worries again and again. Talking to somebody does help.

Try not to use alcohol to make you feel better
It can actually make depression worse. It may also react with any tablets you are taking.

Try not to panic about not sleeping properly
It will get better when the depression lifts.

Try not to alter the number of tablets you are on, or stop taking them, or try other remedies, without discussing it with your doctor.
If the tablets have unpleasant effects, tell your doctor or nurse.

St John’s Wort

This is a herbal antidepressant that you can get from a chemist without needing a prescription. It seems to have fewer side effects than prescribed antidepressants, but is not effective in more severe depression. If you are taking other medication, you should consult your family doctor.



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