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Stigma and Denial

Getting depression is not a sign of weakness.

Much of the time, we dare not admit or tell anyone that we are depressed or think that we are depressed because of the stigma some people and society still attach to Depression. Fear of rejection by friends, family, loved ones, employers all serve to keep us in denial or suffering in silence.
If your partner or your boss or your friends reject you, were they really right for you and the life you want and need anyway and were they a contributing factor to your problems in the first place?  Hard as it may seem, try to remember that everything happens for a reason.  Tough times have a funny way of leaving you with the best people and things in your life.

Depression can strike anyone regardless of age, background, socioeconomic status or gender.  It does not care who it sweeps up in its path.  Just look at the many world revered leaders and businessmen and women who have suffered or are suffering from Depression.  Not least, Churchill, who described his Depression as his “Black Dog”. Mahatma Ghandi was a sufferer.  And present day icons Stephen Fry, Robbie Williams, Caroline Aherne, Lulu Guinness and many more, all revered and loved greatly by the general public and their peers and no less so because of their openness about their Depression.

It has become very acceptable for celebrities to admit that they are being treated for Depression.  Why should it be any different for you?  You are as important as any celebrity and deserve the help and treatment to help you through your Depression. 

Often when we are depressed, we don’t feel that we are worth it and feel worthless and a burden to others.  We are often kinder to others than we are to ourselves.  If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for someone you care for or are close to or love.

Depression is a treatable illness.  Give yourself the chance to be treated and cured.


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