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depression can be fun

Reaching one’s goal without enjoying the journey is an unjust reward. The journey is the reward. Enjoy the journey.

Psychotic Depression

Approximately 15 percent of people who suffer from major depression also show symptoms of psychotic depression. These symptoms include hearing voices inside one’s head (auditory hallucinations), having visions of people or things that are not actually there (visual hallucinations), and delusional thinking. People who suffer from this extreme form of major depression are in need of immediate attention. Because they cannot rationally judge the consequences of their actions, they are in serious danger of killing themselves.

Are you depressed?

depression test, depression quiz

We all feel fed up sometimes but these feelings usually last for a couple of days or weeks at the most. Perhaps you have been feeling like this for longer.
We have designed a test to give you some indication.

take our depression test, depression quiz

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