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depression can be fun

If a problem is important enough to keep you awake at night, itís important enough to talk about.

Depression Can Be Fun Links

Action On Depression - Scottish Organisation working with and for people affected by depression.

Action on Depression. Based in Edinburgh, we are the only national Scottish organisation working with and for people affected by depression. We are a user-influenced organisation committed to providing support, raising awareness of depression and treatment options and reducing the stigma that still surrounds the condition.

Our support extends to an email and limited telephone support service, we run ‘Living Life to the Full’ CBT-based courses in groups and online, we run volunteer lead self-help support groups throughout Scotland, and have three Community Development Officers in Edinburgh & Lothian, Ayrshire and the Highlands & Islands. We have two websites; our main Action on Depression site as well as Look Ok Feel Crap which is aimed specifically at young adults living with depression. We work in partnership with various organisations throughout Scotland both in the community and online.
For more information please email us at

The Joe Bingley Memorial Foundation

A new charity which aims to help women and their families by raising awareness and providing information about postnatal depression.

National Paranoia Network

As a voice hearer, Peter now shares what he’s learnt over the past 10 years with others through the Hearing Voices Network and the National Paranoia Network, teaching at and collaborative working with Manchester University, research, one to one support and through support groups, the website and training on how to understand a person’s paranoia and help them make sense of it.
The network is worldwide with a huge network base in Australia.
The organisation aims to raise awareness of how disabling paranoia can be and to breakdown social taboos.
He co-authored the workbook Asking the Questions with Paul Hammersley and John Read, a guidebook around childhood trauma and his new book, Accepting paranois is published this autumn.

Post Natal Depression

Liz Wise is a specialist Postnatal Depression Counsellor and Trainer with a Diploma in Humanistic Counselling. She has been supporting and counselling women and their families for the past twelve years.
She has been involved in specific Postnatal Depression Training for Health Trusts and many voluntary organisations for the past eight years. She also facilitates PND support groups for mothers and their partners.
Liz has developed and facilitated training courses on PND for health visitors as well as organisations including MIND, The National Childbirth Trust, Home-Start and Maternity and Nanny Training and is able to tailor make a course for the needs of the organisation. She is the PND support co-ordinator for the National Childbirth Trust and sits on the committee of the Association for Post Natal Illness.
Having experienced severe PND herself, Liz not only has a wealth of professional experience but personal experience too, which has proved invaluable to many mothers and their families.
For further information about PND counselling and training Liz may be contacted on 07773283556 or e mail:

Willow Cottage Clinic Homeopothy

Willow Cottage Clinic has been established in Bournemouth for over 40 years with father and son team Don and Adam Hardyman.
They offer a highly professional and friendly service and have a commitment to provide a holistic approach that suits every individual’s unique health needs.  They use the latest technology combined with tried and tested traditional methods to find the underlying causes of imbalance and dis-ease. When these have been established they then use combinations of homeopathy, herbal medicine, Bioresonance therapy, SCIO, HRV and nutritional advice to bring about a quick, gentle and harmless cure.


Igennus specialises in the production of pharmaceutical-grade health supplements. They formulate scientifically-based premium brands, made entirely from natural ingredients. Their products contain no chemical or artificial nasties, and they take no short-cuts when it comes to product formulation. Quality and efficacy are first and foremost our principal considerations in the development of our premium supplements.
They have pioneered a new generation of omega supplements without DHA, which started with our first product Vegepa.  Vegepa has been recommended in peer-reviewed scientific journals and used in clinical research.
The world’s leading medical researchers endorse their products.

Allison Kelsey

Allison is a psychotherapist, NLP therapist, coach, trainer, yoga teacher and archetypes coach and has a host of other qualifications and experience that she uses in her unique programe to suit and treat the needs of the individual.  She is passionate about working with people and organizations to achieve transformation and to realise the magic and personal power they have.  Allison does one to one coaching, seminars and workshops, breakthrough sessions, and yoga classes and retreats and NLP Practitioner programs.  She is our resident expert on the site.

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is a world renowned hynotherapist and psychotherapist.  She was listed in Tatler 2007 guide to Britain’s best 250 doctors and has been described as a ‘Pioneering motivational hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and a winning sports psychologist’.  Marisa’s specialist subjects include:  Obesity,  Low Self Esteem, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Stage Fright, Infertility, Children with problems, Relationships, Career, Addictions.
As well as treating patients, Marisa lectures, writes and works in television and radio all over the world.  She is the author of ‘You Can Be Thin’ and ‘Ultimate Confidence’ and is one of the experts on the site.

Little Herbal International

Little Herbal International was set up in 1999 by Lesley Robinson.  Little Herbal’s remedies have helped thousands of people all over the world and has been featured in newspapers and on radio and television.  Their products help to treat a wide range of ailments from depression, auto-immune disorders like MS, ME and Rheumatoid Arthritis to eczema and acne.  Their famous ‘Filisa’ (from the Zulu for ‘to make better’) can be used to help with depression, panic attacks, SAD, PMT and Menopausal symptoms.  See their site for accolades of Filisa as a treatment for depression.  Little Herbal is a friendly family run business and Les and her family are always available to help, advise and support, either by telephone or email.

Are you depressed?

depression test, depression quiz

We all feel fed up sometimes but these feelings usually last for a couple of days or weeks at the most. Perhaps you have been feeling like this for longer.
We have designed a test to give you some indication.

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