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depression can be fun

Depression Can Be Fun

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My coping strategies
Written By:athelstan 1) Put on your favourite album and just sing along to the lyrics. If you have as awful a singing voice as mine just sing under your breath. Concentrating on the lyrics takes your mind off your mood. However try not to do it to a blues recording! 2)Do not anylise your moods. If you get into a habit of trying to think your way out of a depressed feeling you will drag yourself down deeper. Instead, use the "Mindful Meditation" method. When you find yourself slipping into negative thinking just be still and concentrate on your breathing. If you find your mind wandering be gentle and lovingly call it back to the exercise. You can do this at any time and no matter what task you are engaged in. Just feel the breath entering your body through the mouth and nostrils. Feel your chest and abdomen rise and fall with each inhale and exale. t may take quite a few occasions to find peace but do not be hard on yourself. 3) Instead of concentrating on what you do not have try to practice gratitude for the good things in your life. If you have a roof over your head and food on your table you have more than millions of others. Try not to compare yourself with anyone else. There will always be people who are smarter and wealthier than you and there will be many others who are dumber and poorer than you. Look at yourself as someone unique. No one else is exactly like you. Celebrate your individuality. From my own experience
Written By:Tabby Some personal lessons in dealing with depression, learnt over long years (see my story posted elsewhere). Shop around to get help; I was sent by GPs to various counsellors, some qualified some not, to begin with. If you don't bond with a counsellor you often don't get much from it, seek another one out. Find out about their training, what the various therapies and theories are about, what can they practically seek to help you with? I found non of the talking therapies helped, not even a consultant pychiatrist, until I found one who offered cognitive therapy (which I could see the merits of, in terms of what it could offer) and also felt comfortable with them. Find out what any medication is, what it does, what you can expect from it, be informed and take some control (in good periods) over your own illness. This will make you feel more in charge of it. Don't expect help or sympathy from many friends or family, even now I don't tell them when I feel depressed, except my husband. People stll, sadly, see it as some sign of weakness, or say "yes, I feel down today too" equating it with a bad day. Unless you've experienced something, you can't know what its like, unless you are very empathetic or a doctor perhaps. In the worst moments, go into the pain - this I found works, it not wallowing in it, it just accepting its happening (like you get a cold sometimes) go with it, tell yourself frequently it will pass, as everything does, time, life, history, it all passes, and this painful phase will do too, but it has to happen, to get to the other side and out of it. If this means staying in and watching old films, then do so. If you have to go to work, do so, pace the daily tasks, get through them, they will pass, the day will pass, you will get home. Go to bed early if you have to, eat if you can, certainly drink plenty of water, eat only fruit and cereal if you can't be bothered to cook. Sometimes I've found I can't even get up to face any exercise, then don't. Tomorrow may be different, you may be able to walk to the end of the road, or go up and down the stairs a few times, it will be an improvement. Be kind to yourself, we are often harder on ourselves when depressed (or recovering) than we would be with anyone else. Depression often makes us lose self respect, feeling suicidal is the worst self disrespect of all, I know, I've been there plenty of times. Don't let the world or you hormones or bullies or illness force your self destruction, you deserve to live a decent life, as all who live do. Promise yourself a day out when the worst lifts, or a meal out, a bar of chocolate, a new book, a new dress, anything. Find things to look forward to, I know this sounds contradictory, but make a list of things to do when it lifts and mean it. Don't let the depression be in charge. An old cliche, but remember there is always someone else worse off. Alone in a bleak bedsit in London many years ago, depressed and sucidal, no family, no friends, stuck in dead end jobs, it was almost laughably horrible. But not as bad as being in a war zone, there was a roof over my head of sorts, I did have at least one meal a day, some don't in the world, there was help avaiable on the NHS, however good or poor and however much pushing it took to find it the right help, something was there - it isn't in some parts of the world. I was not forced into prostitution, I was not (yet) starving, I could wash dishes to earn a living if need be, or go do cleaning, some people are physically disabled or worse and can't. Find something you love and do it, make it an important part of your life. I did courses in art part time when working (in good periods) then got into art school late in life and got a job I like. I still suffer from depression sometimes, still get SAD each winter, but having that control over one aspect of life helps so much. Don't accept a bad job, or career choice, you may have to do it for now, but find out what you want to do and work towards it, however long it takes, you can find a way to do it, in some form. The bad hormones that nearly killed me, took away my children (infertilty and miscarriages) and to a degree my future. No children, no grandchildren, no weddings, no graduations, no extended family either, Christmas can be bleak and lonely with just hubby and the cat, even friends retreat to their own nuclear familites, but I feel I owe it to hubby and the cat to face it head on. We book a cottage, do non Christmas food or food we just fancy, go to pantos, go for long walks, I still find myself crying usually on Christmas day, but again I head into it, shrug afterwards, then have a drink, watch a favourite film, thank God I've got them both still. Yes, I worry about losing my other half, and worry that I've caused him so much pain in life to, coping with me at times. I still feel its better to have loved someone like this than not, and if you are on your own, not out of choice, then do something about it. Go to an agency, date online, life is too short. Love, the real, deep kind that means a person sticks with you, no matter what, is the best thing in the world, don't ever give up on it, you deserve to love someone and have someone love you. We have both promised each other to do this if anything happens to one of us. Get a pet, this is another cliche, but it works, you have to care for them. Not if you have serious problems looking after one on a day to day basis or don't like them of course. But dogs and cats don't judge you, you belong to them whatever, they don't mind if you've feeling depressed, they can be great comforters, even knowing when you're ill and seeking you out to lick and keep an eye on. If you can manage to walk a dog in you worst times (or get someone else) they will get you out of the house. If all else fails, remember as always, it will pass. The bamboo that bends in the wind (because its flexible and goes with the wind) is ultimately stronger than the plant that snaps - an old Chinese saying. read
Written By:William1Will To me it is very important read books. Specially about adventures getting some exercise
Written By:Naomi

Exercise is good for body & mind - but motivation is a major issue when you’re depressed.
One way to get a bit more exercise in your everyday life is to use ‘strap-on’ weights on your wrists/ankles during the day.
If you wear them while you do daily chores/housework etc - your body is having to work a wee bit harder - helping to tone muscles, and burn a few more calories.
Find excuses to move about more while you are wearing them (up & down the stairs more, etc), wear the ankle weights when you have to go to the shops.
Take them off when you relax in the evening - and you will feel ‘lighter’, almost as if you have more energy!
Trust me it works!

“negative energy”
Written By:Naomi

If your mood is ‘black’ & you find nothing seems to lift it - do some housework. (Please bear with me…)
Putting a bit more effort than usual into scrubbing/polishing/washing/hoovering/dusting etc will not only divert some negative enrgy - but will also provide you with some exercise! A 1/2 hr of vigourous housework is equivalent to a workout - so will boost your seratonin levels! Then you can relax & feel pleased with your efforts too!
PS. Make sure you point out your efforts to family members - so that they can see, & admire your efforts! It does work - I did this often during a year of depressive illness!