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depression can be fun

Accept a complement. We are all better at letting in negative messages in the form of criticism and accusations than positive feedback. Bring it on!

Depression Test

Depression Quiz

Please answer the following questions, where on a scale of 1-10, 1 is good, positve or easy and 10 is bad, negative or hard:
Question 1: How do you find making decisions?

Question 2: How is your mood most of the time?

Question 3: How would you rate your self confidence?

Question 4: How are your energy levels?

Question 5: How much do you enjoy life and look forward to things?

Question 6: How are your sleep patterns?

Question 7: How much interest do you have in sex?

Question 8: How do you feel being with other people?

Question 9: How helpless do you feel?

Question10: How do you feel right now?

Question 11: How much is your mood affecting your life?

Question 12: How negative are your thoughts?

Question 13: How is your memory?

Question 14: What is your mood when you wake up and consider the day ahead?

Question 15: How do you feel is your ability to cope?

Question 16: How easy is it for you to ask for help?

Question 17: How well do you feel you are coping with life?

Question 18: How well do you look after yourself?

Question 19: How would you rate your self worth?

Question 20: How easy is it for you to get motivated � for work, for cleaning the house etc?