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depression can be fun

Regret your mistakes not feel guilty for them.

Depression Can Be Fun Magazine Interviews

Depression Can Be Fun

Helen with her faithful dog Bess who helped her through her Depression. Bess provided therapy and a reason to exercise!

Depression shopaholic Helen McNallen

Helen with one of her many purchases which led to almost financial ruin brought about by the uncontrollable manic highs of her bipolar depression.

This photo was taken for the Daily Mail article.

Depression Can Be Fun Helen McNallen

Helen McNallen, founder of Website and author of the book of the same name

Depression Can Be Fun Book author Helen McNallen

Helen holding Depression Can Be Fun, the book, from the Website of the same name published in 2010

Helen McNallen with purchases following depression

Helen surrounded by just some of her excessive purchases that were made due to her manic phase of her bipolar depression that lead to almost financial ruin

Are you depressed?

depression test, depression quiz

We all feel fed up sometimes but these feelings usually last for a couple of days or weeks at the most. Perhaps you have been feeling like this for longer.
We have designed a test to give you some indication.

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